Only soft, smooth lips could be pretty enough and inviting to kiss.
So if you want to have kissable lips, use lipbalm to protect your lips at all times, everyday and every night.

The article Lip care basics – How to care for your lips focuses on the basics of lip care.

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Under Dry/ Cold Environment

Exposure to harsh weather makes your lips more prone to chap and crack lips due to loss of moisture.
Prevent this by protecting your lips with lipbalm before going out and reapply regularly. Lipbalm will help to restore and retain moisture, protecting your lips from the harsh environment.

The Lip butter – how to get smooth lips article focuses on lip butters.

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Before Sun Exposure

Lips will become dry, cracked, aged and dull-coloured due to the harmful UV rays. Since the thin skin on your lips lacks melanin, they burn easily from the sun. Therefore always put on lipbalm with SPF protection when you head outdoors.

The Labello – the brand for beautiful lips article focuses on everything you need to know about the brand.

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Before Bed

Lips can dry out during the night, especially if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep or if you sleep in an air-condition room.
It is good idea to apply a layer of lip balm every night before you go to bed to provide moisturizing protection to your lips throughout the night. It also helps to generate new skin cells and strengthen the lips moisture barrier, thus leaving your lips soft, smooth and supple.

The Beautiful lips – keeping lips smooth article focuses on how to achieve smooth lips.

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Under Air-Conditioned Environment

Long hours in air-conditioned area can make your lips dry. A moisturizing lip balm will easily relief our delicate lips from dryness.

The Kissable lips – tips & tricks article focuses on how to get kissable lips.

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Under Lipstick

Put on some lip balm first before lipstick. Smooth lips will help your lipstick glide on easier and last longer.
Lip balm will also form a layer or protection to your lips from the artificial colouring.

The Lip balm benefits – keep smiling article focuses on smiling and its benefits.

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